New attempt to remove Security Service head Gumbs in Curacao

POSTED: 06/6/11 1:02 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Edsel Gumbs, the head of the Security Service Curacao VDC objects to the government’s intention to appoint him as a supervisor at the Bon Futuro prison in Koraal Specht. According to Gumbs’ attorney Melrose Bloem the letter Gumbs received does not state explicitly what he is supposed to do in the new function.
Bloem says that the letter has the same purpose as two earlier letters of the government – to remove Gumbs as the head of the security service. But Bloem points out that Gumbs went to court twice and that he obtained a ruling in his favor both times.
Due to a crisis of confidence between Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and Gumbs the government has attempted twice to deny the latter access to his office and to place him on non-active duty. The court ruled both times that the government’s actions were unjustified and that Gumbs could return to work.
Bloem submitted a request for a regular court procedure but so far no date has been set for the court case.
Gumbs returned to work last Tuesday after a long vacation. Almost immediately he received a letter from Minister Jacinta Constancia informing him that he will be placed at the prison.
Justice Minister Elmer Wilsoe explained that there is a crisis of confidence between Gumbs and the Prime Minister, but that the attorneys of both parties have not been able to reach a settlement. This is why the government has offered Gumbs a suitable function. Wilsoe expects to be able to talk about the letter with Gumbs in the course of this week.
But Bloem contends that the letter does not contain a proposal, but a notification that he will be placed elsewhere. At the same time he has been invited to talk about the scope of the function. Whether this is a proposal or not, Gumbs has already indicated that he does not agree.
Bloem says that she does not grasp what Wilsoe means with a settlement. When parties are negotiation about a settlement, the information about such negotiations is not made public, she said.
Last week parliamentarian Glenn Sulvaran suggested that the government was attempting to convince Gumbs to leave his post at the Security Service by offering him money.

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New attempt to remove Security Service head Gumbs in Curacao by

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