New arrest in Wiels murder case

POSTED: 08/5/13 12:08 PM

WILLEMSTAD – The police in Curacao arrested a woman in connection with the murder of PS Leader Helmin Wiels, NRC Handelsblad published on its website yesterday.

After the arrest of the 43-year-old woman with the initials M.A.B., police officers searched two houses in the areas of Hoenderberg and Parera. Several items were confiscated during the search.

The Prosecutor’s Office did not wanted to confirm whether if the woman is indeed the second suspect the police was already looking for during the investigation. Recently the police announced that the 30-year-old Raul Jacinto Martinez is suspected to be directly involved with the murder of Wiels. Martinez was found dead and severely crippled at the north coast of Curacao in June. Allegedly Martinez was killed by the 26-year-old Luigi ‘Pretu’ Lorenzo F. who was arrested in June in The Netherlands and was deported to Curacao and where he remains in the heavily secured Marine Barracks of Suffisant.

Helmin Wiels was assassinated on May 5 at the beach of Marie Pompoen.

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