Neighbors row over sewage water release

POSTED: 07/12/11 4:16 PM

St. Maarten – Police intervened in a long standing row between two neighbors about sewage water on Monday after one called to complain for a second time this year. Both homes are on Nazareth Road.

The aggrieved party – Amy Arrindell – called police mid morning because one of the tenants of her mother’s apartment complex complained that the neighbor Shawn Moore was running raw sewage into the yard. She went to the location to investigate and called police on her way. When she got there the flow had dissipated but she pressed forward with reporting.

“My mom and I have had several discussions with Shawn and even written him about this before and we still constantly get this flow of sewage running into the yard. We even had the police come here in April so that we could report. We also called the Hygiene Department several times but they have not done anything,” Arrindell said.

Moore was not immediately available to meet police when they arrived. When he did meet them, clothed for work, but wearing slippers, he explained that water from his yard does flow into his neighbor’s yard, but he wasn’t doing it on purpose.

“I had one tank that holds grey water from the showers and the sinks that I use to water my yard and another for sewage and that one does overflow whenever it rains,” Moore explained to the officers before pledging to have the sewage tank pumped within a week.

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