Navy led operation intercepts 1,300 kg of cocaine

POSTED: 09/9/11 1:51 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Four people have been arrested and 1,300 kilograms of cocaine were seized last Saturday in an operation led by the Royal Netherlands Navy on Curaçao. The seizure took place in international waters in the western part of the Caribbean Sea on board of a Colombian fishing vessel.

A special boarding team, transported by a United States Coast Guard cutter, performed the boarding and search that led to the discovery of the drugs, which were wrapped in 52 bales. Some of the bales were on the boat deck but the majority was below deck. The boarding team seized the bales after several samples were proven to be cocaine. They also seized the weapons they found on board.

The operation was undertaken by the drugs enforcement organization Task Group 4.4, which is led by Commander of the Netherlands Navy in the Caribbean General Dick Swijgman. The Royal Netherlands Navy participates in the Task Group as part of its role of maintaining regional security and stability in the Caribbean region.

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