Nature Foundation removing lionfish from Simpson Bay

POSTED: 11/9/11 1:06 AM

St. Maarten – Six volunteer divers and staff of the St. Maarten Nature Foundation cleared five lionfish from the Aquamania docks on Sunday. Management of Aquamania contacted the foundation informing them about the high number of lionfish by their docks. The foundation plans to remove more lionfish from various other locations in the Simpson Bay area based on lionfish sighting reports.

The lionfish is an invasive species which was introduced into the Caribbean through the aquarium trade. The fish is a threat to local fisheries because they have the potential to destroy local fishing grounds and the economies which depend on them. The lionfish is also a venomous species which can inflict a dangerous sting; therefore the Nature Foundation requests that if a lionfish is spotted to please contact the Nature Foundation at 5444267 or via email at

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Nature Foundation removing lionfish from Simpson Bay by

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