Nature Foundation manager Bervoets: “We are concerned about the coming months”

POSTED: 08/24/15 11:36 AM

GREAT BAY – The Sint Maarten Nature Foundation has been researching the effects of the on-going drought conditions the island has been experiencing for the past few months. The foundation researched water level, the number and state of animals and the level of pollution recorded in wetlands affected by the dry weather.

“What we have been experiencing is quite unprecedented in terms of how the dry weather has affected especially the wetlands. There have been no times in recent history where we have seen this type of drought. We thought it important to research the effects this has had on our ponds,” Nature Foundation manager Tadzio Bervoets said in a press release.

The foundation recorded a drop of about 40 centimeters in certain sections of the Belair and Fresh Ponds and a 60-centimeters drop in the Great Salt Pond.  The foundation found numerous carcasses of birds, fish and turtles in sections of the Great Salt Pond.

“Seasonal fluctuations are normal, with certain times of the year being dryer than others, but the recent dry spell has been causing some concern. When we look at climate models and events like the current El-Nino Phase, we are concerned about the coming months. El Nino occurs when the Pacific experiences warmer water temperatures and this has an effect on global weather. We have seen an increase in rain recently and hopefully in the coming days with the approach of a tropical system we can get some much needed relief,” Bervoets stated.

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Nature Foundation manager Bervoets: “We are concerned about the coming months” by

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