National Development Program formulation continues next week

POSTED: 04/5/13 12:27 PM

St. Maarten – The process towards St. Maarten formulating its National Development Program (NDP) continues next week with a lecture and open forum that focuses on key stakeholder participation. The implementation of the NDP is being done under the guidance of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).  A specific goal of the NDP is to guide the strategic development of St. Maarten through a medium to long term process.

The lecture will be held on Monday from 7:00 pm at the University of St. Maarten where Danielle Jeffry will give a St. Maarten perspective and challenges of community involvement while UNDP’s program officer on democratic governance Jens Ulrich-Poppen will speak on experiences in engaging the community in nation building projects.

A lecture is planned to raise awareness on community involvement in nation building projects from a UN and local perspective.

“The agreed basis for developing the NDP is through a national process that will engage all sectors of the society. The objective of the national visioning process is to ensure development of a trajectory in accordance with a vision that the people of St. Maarten aspire to,” Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams stated.

The open forum will be held the following day from 6:30 pm as well at the University. According to the Prime Minister, it was organized to initiate participation among all sectors of society so that everyone can be given an opportunity to express their views on how St. Maarten should develop in years to come.

Up to 100 persons will be allowed to attend the open forum and all groups have been to promote attendance at the event by sending key personnel.

“The forum’s objectives include to raise awareness of community involvement in nation building projects, to create inclusivity with stakeholders over project operational decisions, to consult stakeholders on how best they can organize in order to connect with the project and to consult stakeholders on the appointment process of private sector and civil society members on the steering committee of the UNDP coordinated National Development Plan,” the Prime Minister added.

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