National Detective Agency conducts 5 house searches

POSTED: 10/19/15 12:22 PM

Targets: airport director Labega, Fabian Badejo and others

St. Maarten – The National Detective Agency conducted house searches on five different locations last week “in connection with an ongoing investigation,” case officer Nanouk Lemmers confirmed to this newspaper yesterday afternoon.

The prosecutor declined to confirm that these searches had taken place at the homes of airport director Regina Labega and the house of author Fabian Badejo.

“I cannot say anything about this at this moment but we will come later with more information,” the prosecutor said. “Everybody has to calm down a bit first.”

The attorney for Labega, Cor Merx, confirmed that house searches took place at his client’s house, at the airport, at the homes of Fabian Badejo and Erica Fortuna, a business partner of Badejo, and twice at the house of a sister of Labega.

The prosecutor’s office did not want to say anything about the nature of the investigation. The names of both Regina Labega and Fabian Badejo have surfaced in an investigation into embezzlement at the tourist bureau in 2010.

Merx confirmed that however that the searches are indeed linked to “that old case” – meaning the tourist bureau investigation.

The attorney was extremely upset about the lack of information he had to deal with. “I wanted the documents from the Judge of Instruction to see what this was all about,” he told this newspaper yesterday. Why is this necessary right now? This resembles Russia. This is the absolutely low point in our democracy. Don’t misunderstand me, I want crimes to be solved as well, but it has to be done according to the rules.”

Merx said that he is still busy with the screening process airport director Labega is dealing with. “This action could make all that more complicated,” he said.

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