National Alliance questions security contract

POSTED: 07/14/11 12:15 PM

St. Maarten – The National Alliance (N.A.) has raised questions about the appointment of a security firm – Checkmate Security – to provide support to the guards at the Pointe Blanche House of Detention. The party is primarily concerned about whether the company’s staffers were screened and took an oath.

“It would be unfair that people are allowed to work next to civil servants without having to go through the same rigorous procedure that the civil servant has to go through,” N.A. leader William Marlin said.

The stress on screening has to do with information the party has received about some of the security officers. One of them was reportedly arrested at the weekend with a “bogus” Brooks Tower Accord permit and will be expelled.

“We can understand that the minister has to prepare for inspections, but not because you have shortage you need to open an opportunity through a back door. We believe there are more and better ways to solve this issue,” Marlin said.

The N.A. leader wants Minister of Justice Roland Duncan to state whether the company truly was retained, on what basis, for how long and how much it will cost.

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