National Alliance holds first meeting: “It is all about proper representation”

POSTED: 07/22/14 1:55 PM

St. Maarten – “It is all about proper representation when people vote,” said leader of the National Alliance (NA) William Marlin at the first contact meeting held at the Pantophlet villas in St. Peter’s on Friday evening. “It is not about the replacement of a refrigerator or a new stove or blocks,” he said and explained that he has added to his slogan “St. Maarten first one hundred percent.”

He spoke of some politicians who are known as “Mr. Ten and Twenty percent” and noted that when he is in government he always gives one hundred percent. He spoke of a prior election when most of the roads were paved on the Dutch Side of the island and was criticized for it because the talk was at that time that “the people could not eat roads.”

Marlin also spoke of the controversial issue of country status, which was promised since 2000 but it was not realized until the NA came into government. He mentioned that when he announced that they would gain a separate political status by 10-10-10 the leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sarah Wescot-Williams, told the people that it was not attainable.

Subsequent to when that happened the leader of the United People’s (UP) Party, Theodore Heyliger, who was in government at the time, resigned as commissioner to form his own party in order to compete in the 2010 elections. He pointed that the NA stayed in government and attended all the meetings for the new constitutional status anywhere it was held.

He explained that in September of that year when the agreement was signed in the Netherlands they only had one week to campaign and after the party won six seats “before the cock crow twice” (using the biblical expression) the UP was in bed with the DP, he said.

He mentioned that there has been a call for the NA to govern the country by itself where they will get an opportunity to see what proper representation is all about. He said that “they will knock on every door in every district and listen to every voice.” He said that the electorate should not be “sidetracked” because of the political posters and all the flags that are out there. “You must remember that we are here for you,” he said. He called on the supporters to give their vote to the NA.

He also spoke of the new hospital that is being proposed by the UP party and said that a new hospital cannot make any patient better. “What we need is better medical care, better equipment. Even if the medical center is brought into the new administration building it will not make the care better. He pointed out that the NA is not against a new hospital they are all for better health care where it must be done in a sustainable manner.

Minister of Public Works (VROMI) Maurice Lake was also taken to task for the purchase of the land for social housing. He said that when the National Alliance was in government they bought the land in Hope Estate, which is approximately 14,400 square meters, for one million Guilders. He said that Lake secretly signed a deal to purchase 11,200 square meters of land for ten million guilders for social housing. Marlin said he calculated it at $500 per square meter and this is without putting in the necessary infrastructure in. “This is not proper representation.”

There is also a plan by the NA to secure homes for the seniors for as little as Naf 50 per month. This brought huge rounds of applause from the audience who attended the meeting. He said that they are also an initiative to develop an area near to the Belvedere sports auditorium but after the decision was taken to give a local contractor the project it was “blocked, blackballed” by the Minister because the bid was lower than the bigger contractors. This project is to build 32 duplex homes with the necessary infrastructure.

He explained that when these homes are built the entire area will be upgraded.

“Don’t be fooled by the glitz and the glamour that you see our see out there,” Marlin said, and thanked the people for attending the NA’s first contact meeting.

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