National Alliance demands resignation MP Matser

POSTED: 01/20/15 7:20 PM

St. Maarten – The board of the National Alliance has asked for the immediate resignation of United People’s party faction member MP Silvio Matser. The demand follows Matser’s conviction to 24 months for tax evasion last week in the Court in First Instance. “The honorable thing to do would be stepping down and relinquish his seat to the people of Sint Maarten,” the board states in a press release.

This newspaper asked UP-leader Theo Heyliger for a reaction to the opposition-party’s demand, but so far received no reaction.

The NA-board points out that the country has faced “extensive challenges in maintaining integrity in its governance” and that it would be “yet another gross injustice and ill-representation of the people of Sint Maarten to have a convicted Member of Parliament continue to retain his seat.”

The press release notes that this cannot be “the state of readiness the United People’s party chanted to the people of Sint Maarten throughout the election period.”

The National Alliance furthermore questions the readiness of the UP to govern, with a reference to the fact that the cabinet is still incomplete. “Within three weeks after the elections of 2014, the National Alliance, Democratic Party and United St. Maarten party came together, formed a government and created a complete governing program. That would have been a historical moment in the formation of a government in our country,” the press release states.

The National Alliance board points out that Matser’s continued presence in Parliament would “block the efforts of the House of Parliament as it relates to any discussion about tax reform.”

The press release further emphasizes that, “should the seat of MP Matser be opened, the next person in line to sit in Parliament would be Maria Buncamper-Molanus, who currently has a pending case against her.”

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has charged Buncamper-Molanus and her husband Claudius with tax fraud, forgery, the intentional destruction of evidence and membership of a criminal organization. The trial is still pending and not expected to take place before June.

Based on this situation, the NA-board describes “the future of our Parliament as questionable” and wonders, “Would Mrs. Buncamper-Molanus decline the seat in order to preserve the integrity of the highest body?”

The NA-board “strongly feels that the confidence of the people of Sint Maarten in its elected officials must be regained and maintained. Only through this practice shall our economy and by extension the social and cultural fabric of our country be strengthened and sustained for generations to come.”


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  1. Bigy Truth says:

    As i said before the Buncampers think it’s like when Claude Wathey was in power
    where they could of steal the poor people property, it is a lot of crooks in government saying they defending us the dutch must look also in the past what those group did to the people. where ever you go the watheys and buncampers have a share and still they want more. give back the land to the owners.