Nation building jollification in Friar’s Bay on Sunday

POSTED: 10/5/12 1:04 PM

St. Maarten – A committee led by Leopold James will hold the first St. Maarten nation building jollification event on Sunday at Rodman James Mango eco project in Friar’s Bay on the French side of the island. The event is scheduled from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m.
“The initiative for this event can be seen as a natural result, in the search to effectively combine, in a meaningful and practical manner, all the various, individual efforts of many St. Martiners to preserve our native, indigenous St. Martin People of heritage and their cultural-heritage in this their own land,” James said in a statement he sent to this newspaper.
The jollification committee consists next to James of Jean Louis Rey, Kevin Olivacce, Miguel Arrindell and Albert Adams.
Jollifications were a major part of our culture and our development as a people,” James stated. “They took place mostly on Sundays when men and women from different villages would come together to collectively help build a home, or reap harvest or even butcher animals. It was to a large part because of this tradition that the St. Martin people were able to survive, to build their homes and to survive in general, before there was a money-based economy.”
Today St. Martin, whose foundation our ancestors built with blood sweat and tears is under serious threat from many angles and is in danger of its final collapse, according to James.
“The objective of these jollifications is to invite all St. Martin patriots and St. Martiners-at-heart, to help collectively rebuild our home, called St. Martin. Rebuild our home in such a way that once more she will be the home and refuge for all her children, comfortable, safe and harmonious, so that also all well-intended guests can be accommodated as well,” James concluded.

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Nation building jollification in Friar’s Bay on Sunday by

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