Nagico sponsors documentary on St. Maarten

POSTED: 06/6/12 11:59 AM

Film student Laura Bijnsdorp (center) accepts cheque from NAGICO’s Executive Marketing Manager; Paul Dijkhoffz (left) and Marketing Assistant Lisa Brown (right).

St. Maarten – Nagico Insurances donated $2,319.25 to local film student Laura Bijnsdorp who has undertaken a project to make a documentary which depicts St. Maarten as it was in the 1960’s. A series of free workshops on film-making for interested participants between 14-19 is also part of the film project. Bijnsdorp came up with the concept after realizing how little many young people know about the island’s history.
“The film will feature re-enactments, old photographs and stories by senior citizens to bring that time-period to life. Walking though our small capital, Philipsburg, many don’t realize they are passing various historical monuments, houses and stores that are over 60 years old. I started wondering, what St.Maarten was like before tourism, before the large hotels, casinos, cruise ship harbor, malls and over a million visitors a year. By making this documentary we hope that people learn more about their history and in return appreciate it more,” she explained.

Nagico quickly agreed to assist with funding this project when they were approached because they believe in preserving the past.
“We believe that one needs to know where they are coming from, in order to move forward, and this is something we at Nagico have been doing lately in light of our 30th anniversary achievement this year,” Nagico’s Executive Marketing Manager Paul Dijkhoffz stated.

Nagico celebrated its 30th in February. The company has been making donations to non-profit organizations, schools and senior citizen homes in several of the 19 territories where it is present as they commemorate the occasion.
Bijnsdorp lauded Nagico for the generous contribution and the company’s commitment to commemorating the island’s heritage. She and a group of 4th year students have made many productions in the past and have taught various work-shops in film in the past.

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