Nagico sponsors Academy’s Wall of Achievement

POSTED: 03/9/11 11:46 AM

St. Maarten – The St. Maarten Academy will erect a ‘Wall of Achievement’ to motivate and inspire current students at the institution to strive for greatness and excellence. The project, funded by Nagico Insurances to the tune of US $1 500, was an idea from Keturah Thompson, one of the teachers at the school.
“We have had so many outstanding students over the years, so we found the need to put their names and achievements in school so that the students here can see it and be motivated with the hope that their name will someday be on it,” the school’s principal Shareed Hussain said.
He added,” “Ms. Thompson came up with the idea and we are happy and proud that Nagico has decided to donate this large sum. We needed something to showcase to the public what the Academy has produced and what it can produce, so we feel honored that this can be done through the hospices of Nagico.”
Hussein also mentioned that Nagico is linked to the school and their community in many ways but especially since many of their graduates is currently employed at Nagico.
“We have about eight or nine female students who graduated and are working at Nagico and we are very proud of them,” Hussein said.

Construction of the wall will begin as soon as possible and it will document the names and achievements of graduates who have achieved and excelled in their various professions.
The cheque was handed over by NAGICO’s Marketing Assistant; Lisa Brown-McKay and accepted by Mr. Hussein, Mr. Elbert Sprott, and Ms. Richardson in the presence of a group of the Academy’s honor roll students.

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