Nagico pumps more into calypso competition

POSTED: 03/16/11 12:36 PM

St. Maarten – The number 13 is an unlucky one for some people, but the St Maarten Carnival Development Foundation can consider themselves extremely lucky after receiving a check for US $ 13,000,00, which will be used to offset expenses for what will be known as the Nagico Calypso King competition.

This new development was made public during a brief press conference which was held in the office of Imran Mc Sood Amjad, CEO and Nagico Insurances. Also present at that meting was President of the St Maarten Carnival Development Foundation, Stuart Johnson and Erno Labega, Treasurer of the SCDF.

“Nagico is continuing to be the important corporate citizens they are looking for ways and means to make St Maarten a better place. Its part of our philosophy that if we live and work here and we benefit from here then we must contribute,” said Nagico’s CEO Imran Mc Sood Amjad.

But this is not the first time that Nagico is getting on the carnival bandwagon, they have made significant contributions over the years. “In the past we have supported the King of Kings Calypso competition which was sponsored by the Sky Is The Limit Foundation, but we know that some businesses are having a hard time and the economy is the concern of many, but as corporate citizens, we have to do things that are helpful to society,” Mc Sood added.

According to Mc Sood, without the Calypso competition, carnival will not be the same and he was happy to be of assistance when he was approached by SCDF Treasurer, Erno Labega to make a contribution. Every Calypsonian in the world looks forward to that night when they can showcase their talents,” Mc Sood pointed out.

And the King of Kings Calypso competition is not the only aspect of the 2011 Carnival that Nagico will be making a financial input to carnival related events such as the children’s parade and individual Calypsonians.

In handing over the check, Mc Sood said that Nagico remains committed to the society especially the social, educational, sporting and cultural aspects. In his response to the contribution, SCDF President Stuart Johnson said that they are elated to be the recipients of such a generous donation. Johnson pointed out that St Maarten’s commitment to culture and carnival is a team effort and lauded the efforts of Nagico. But he could not refrain from singling out the SCDF Treasurer, Labega  for his ability to secure the sponsorship.

The financial challenges that has plagued the SCDF will now be a thing of the past and Labega wants to see it continue in that manner now that the foundation has been re structured. He went on to point out that the eventual winner will be called the Nagico Calypso King and the first prize will be handed out on the night in question. “We are restructuring the financial management SCDF and we are doing better,” Labega said.

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L-R, SCDF Treasurer Erno Labega, SCDF President Stuart Johnson, Nagico’s CEO Imran Mc Sood Amjad and Nagico’s Marketing Manager Jimmy Challenger. Milton PIeters Photo.


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