Nagico Insurances shows red love

POSTED: 04/1/11 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – Nagico put on a closing ceremony of Olympic proportions on Thursday when they closed off their month of activities for the RED campaign with a parade through Philipsburg. The Princess Juliana International Airport begins their Red Month today.

Nagico, whose official color is green, went through a transformation over the past month just to show their wholehearted support for the RED campaign and to maximize awareness of the HIV and AIDS and its far reaching effects.

Several members of staff from the Princess Juliana International Airport joined the Nagico staff for the parade through Philipsburg. They were accompanied by the New Generation Status Drum Band led Youmay Dormoy. Nagico staffers handed out brochures, condoms, and pens during the march and concluded the transition with a ceremony at the Government Administration Building.

“I can’t believe it has been four years,” Minister of Health Cornelius De Weever said during his brief remarks to the gathering.

De Weever congratulated the Nagico team for making the event a success and thanked them for their contributions during the past month. He also thanked the PJIA team for taking over the red ribbon and leading St Maarten into the carnival spirit.

Nagico’s Director of Information and Technology Vincent Haakmat spoke behalf of Nagico’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Imran McSood Amjad in the latter’s unavoidable absence.

“We are pleased to fulfill our duty for the month of March under the theme, Live Red Show Love. We are proud to hand over the banner to the PJIA as we continue to recognize those living with AIDS or HIV. Each one of us has been affected in some way from persons living with HIV or died from it. Don’t turn your backs on then. Don’t shun them. We have to be sensitive and we must ensure that the future generation can be free of those diseases,” Haakmat said.

“We are Happy to be a part of the activity again. This proves that Nagico is making a contribution and you are certainly making an impact on the HIV/AIDS awareness,” Prevention Coordinator for the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation Rajesh Chintaman said after he accepted a check of US $ 1, 500 from Haakmat.


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