Nagico celebrates anniversary in Montserrat

POSTED: 09/14/12 2:44 PM

MONTSERRAT – Residents of Montserrat were treated to one of the largest customer appreciation days ever held on their island recently, organized and hosted by Nagico Insurances, to mark the company’s thirtieth anniversary.

Government officials, dignitaries, clients and non-clients flocked the island’s popular venue The Lyme where a brief formal ceremony was held to commemorate this milestone, during which Prime Minister Reuben T. Meade praised Nagico for the work it has been doing in Montserrat, since it entered their market fifteen years ago.

“When you look at the recent history of insurance and the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Nagico seems to be one of those rock solid companies,” he said. “Montserrat has gone through the debacle of CL Financials and all of the issues that are pertaining thereto, as a consequence, the OECS governments have taken the decision that insurance companies will be more closely monitored but I know in the case of Nagico, you are almost self-monitored.”

Prime Minister Meade spoke of the resilience of the Montserrat natives and praised Nagico for remaining on the island especially in times of need. “Nagico has been with the people of Montserrat through thick and thin,” he said. “One of the very little known things is that the company is a very good social citizen, because in almost every social function, whether school debating competitions, health or sports, Nagico is always there willing to sponsor and do something within the community. Thank you.”

Following the ceremony, the audience was treated to lively Caribbean music which set a comfortable tone in which the residents were able to mingle and talk with Nagico CEO Imran McSood Amjad, while being treated to a variety of local dishes.

McSood thanked the people of Montserrat for welcoming Nagico into their community and reaffirmed his commitment to the island by making sizeable donations to three non-profit organizations – the Diabetes Foundation, the Montserrat Festival Committee and the Montserrat National Spelling Bee Foundation.

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