Nagico advises including insurance on hurricane preparedness checklist

POSTED: 06/10/11 2:06 PM

St. Maarten – Nagico Insurances has reminded their existing and potential customers to get their insurance policies regulated so that they are fully prepared for what is deemed to be an above average hurricane season. The Atlantic Hurricane season began on June 1 and will run until November 30.

“A natural disaster especially a hurricane, is not one of the things in life we can take for granted, because we cannot predict whether or not it happens nor do we have any control over the extent of the damage it will cause when it does in fact occur,” Executive Manager and Chartered Underwriter of Nagico Insurances Dwayne Elgin said.

“So the most we can really do is be prepared, make sure we are properly secure in terms of our food and water supply, try to make our homes and our surrounding as safe possible and to also ensure that the insurances for our homes, businesses and motor vehicles are up to date.”

After the passage of Hurricane Luis in 1995, many people realized the importance of planning ahead and understood the value of insurance.

“Just before the passage of Luis, people were warned just as how they are being warned now. It was in the papers, on the radio and on the television, but many people still did not believe that we would suffer any damage or even that the hurricane would come because we were spared and lucky  so many times before. It was not until they had to watch helplessly as the category four hurricanes caused severe damage to their homes, vehicles and to their lives that people actually started to place importance on insuring their homes and property,” he explained.

If you are a homeowner and especially one who was involved in it from the first block was laid, then you will understand what it must feel like to see something you worked so hard to build, or something you worked so hard to pay the mortgage for be taken away in a matter of minutes.

“When you have insurance, you have peace of mind. Because once you have paid your premium, you won’t have to worry about what will happen if your home or property is damaged during the hurricane. We are sure you have other things to worry about, other than where you will get the money to repair or rebuild your home. That is why we are here,” Elgin said.

NAGICO Insurances offers comprehensive home insurance, auto, marine, life, medical, motorcycle and extended perils insurances.


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