NAAP Global Solutions selected to monitor carrier compliance

POSTED: 10/6/11 12:55 PM

St. Maarten – NAAP Global Solutions, a leading global provider of asset management solutions for telecommunications carriers and utility companies, announced Wednesday that Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten (BTP) has selected its Network Asset Administration Program (NAAP) to monitor operator compliance, reduce overhead and OPEX, generate fee revenue as clearinghouse of information and to improve emergency recovery in the case of a natural disaster.
“BTP is joining the great group of clients that have this unique asset management solution used worldwide to lower site management and maintenance costs, and track assets and inventory,” parties stated in a joint release.
“This solution will help us greatly in ensuring compliance, avoiding and quickly resolving spectrum and proximity issues, and decreasing required site visits and the associated risks to personnel. It is a tremendous step forward in terms of cost efficiency and innovation,” BTP St. Maarten’s Chief Executive Officer Peggy Ann Brandon said.
“We’re very pleased to have BTP St. Maarten choose our solution and particularly for the way that they will use it which we think will serve as a model for other regulators to follow. It demonstrates significant foresight on their part as well as the versatility of the solution,” Director of Sales Fernando Paiz said.
The solution purchased by BTP features state of the art 3-D site surveys and NAAP’s carrier-grade software featuring modules for asset tracking, inventory, documents and project management, tower load analysis, security and maintenance.
In addition to being at risk for hurricanes, St. Maarten is divided by two nations and subject to spectrum related issues and near proximity disputes, which can be costly and delay progress. The regulator cited affordability, reliability and NAAP’s cloud-based solution as important features among the factors that it weighed in its decision.

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