Mussington visits St. Martin students in France

POSTED: 11/2/11 11:54 AM

Marigot, St. Martin – Councilman Louis Mussington recently met with roughly 70 of the 100 St. Martin students in the French cities of Tours, Bordeaux, and Toulouse last week at the invitation of student leaders.  The councilor is “thankful to the students for their warmth and questions about how government functions and their role in making St. Martin work better for all.”

Mussington has long been pro-active with education, especially facilitating university scholarships for the territory’s youths.

“As elected officials we need to stay in touch with our students studying abroad. While in France it was natural to meet with our young people who are focusing on their future at various universities. It is also part of my work as an elected official, and my duty as a St. Martiner,” Mussington stated.

“We are very happy that a government official came to visit us. This is the first time we had the opportunity to talk to one of our leaders in this way,” one the coordinators of the tour Jeremiah James said.

During the exchange with students, Mussington highlighted the importance of education and developing the territory.

“You are on a mission to achieve higher education and to return as soon as possible to St. Martin, to become part of the decision-making process in your country,” the councilor said.

Mussington laid emphasis on the fact that the government is investing a lot of money on scholarships but that it does not have a proper follow-through program.

“The follow-through, part of which is generating opportunities for high school, vocational colleges, and university graduates to take advantage of, and keeping track of what our young people are studying for jobs and other opportunities that are opening up, is where I plan to make more concrete contributions in government,” Mussington said.

Currently an opposition councilor, Mussington said that he was pleased to discover that the youngsters are busy establishing an information guidance project to assist fellow-students.

“We are putting an organization in place to assist the students when they arrive in France. Too many of them get discouraged because of the lack of proper guidance,” one of the project coordinators Kurt Sprott said.

“This kind of self-reliance is also the St. Martin way, from our traditional culture. If a government is to reflect the culture of its people, it needs to have such programs structured so that there would be the public sector and private or community sector working together for the success of the St. Martin society. This is certainly in line with my philosophy of helping to prepare our students for the future,” Mussington said.


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