Mussington prepared to represent Triple R in parliament

POSTED: 04/10/12 2:11 PM

MARIGOT – The leader of the Movement for the Advancement of the People (MAP) Louis Mussington says that he is available to assist the governing Triple R party as a candidate for the legislative elections, scheduled for June. He noted that with the current financial situation of the Collectivite and the amount of work that is needed to be done presently the government has “its hands full” since they have inherited a bankrupt government.
He explained that he had the opportunity to work with Victorin Laurel who held the post as Regional Councillor and had the training of going to the different ministries in France and the way the parliamentarians conducts their business in the parliament.
“I am prepared to work in the general interest of St. Martin and seeing that I have the experience to work with for the last 10 years, I am more prepared and equipped to assume that responsibility,” Mussington said.
The politician also stated that he has the experience of preparing the different dossiers, which the parliamentarian who is representing St. Martin to deliver on behalf of the Triple R government.
“I am willing to step up to the plate and assume in a very dignified and forceful manner that responsibility,” Mussington said.
He has defined this task as “a mission” to sit among the 567 deputies and bring to the attention of government the urgent concerns of St. Martin, which were not handled by the Sarkozy government.

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