Music recital in Sucker Garden on Saturday

POSTED: 06/20/12 12:25 PM

St. Maarten – The 12th Annual Young Artists Music Recital will be held at 7:00 p.m. sharp this Saturday at the Bible Baptist Church on Arch Road in Sucker Garden. The event will be under the leadership of pianist and music pedagogue Dennis Tjon. Tjon will perform together with some of his students who prepared for this event.

The recital will have piano, guitar and vocal performances. There will be guest performances by students of the St. Maarten Academy – Academic section. Through the years Tjon’s students have excelled as performers. Several students have won international competitions and some have even pursued a career as a musician and/or music educator.

Tjon received his general education in Aruba and Suriname. After graduating from VWO he pursued law studies. At the invitation of Professor Robert Jordan, an acclaimed Juilliard trained concert pianist, he relocated to New York to pursue musical studies.

Tjon is also a former student of world renowned former child prodigy Lee Luvisi, a music honors graduate, recipient of several awards, a full university fellowship, a Luvisi piano scholarship and an Organization of American States fellowship award, among others. He holds Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in general education, music, piano performance and pedagogy from universities in New York, Kentucky and The Netherlands. He has taught at all levels and his career spans nearly 22 years.

“Teaching was a conscious choice and especially to start teaching music early to very young students to nurture and develop their talents and passion for music, although I believe that anyone at any age could start music lessons. Music does not only sharpen the mind but it also adds extra value to one’s life, and life will never be dull and boring with practicing a musical instrument,” Tjon said.

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