Murder investigations are stuck, but not forgotten

POSTED: 06/22/11 11:50 AM

Escapee Omar Nelson on the run: day 95

St. Maarten – David Priest. Clemencia Julot. Amador Jones. Hector Miguel Arrindell. Five names with one thing in common: their murders remain unsolved. But Chief Prosecutor mr. Hans Mos says that all these cases have the attention of criminal investigators.

“There is not much happening in the Julot investigation at the moment,” he said, “but that is because there is no new information. Anytime we get indications that there could be links to this particular murder or to other murders we give it our full attention.”

Mos said that the modus operandus of the men who were convicted for the Wouter-Jan Romeijn killing (Stevie Richardson, Alesco Violenus and the fugitive Omar Nelson) led investigators to compare DNA-samples with evidence from the Julot-case. “There was no match, but if we only think that there might be a link we give it the highest priority.”

Another investigation that is active the prosecutor’s office radar screen deals with embezzlement allegations at the Tourist Bureau. Mos indicated in April that this investigation had priority over the Buncamper-Molanus investigation into possible money laundering because Labega was a candidate for the director’s post at the airport.

In the context of this candidacy, the prosecutor’s office had been asked to issue a statement of good behavior for Labega. The question is basically whether someone for whom such a statement is requested has a criminal record,” Mos said at the time, adding that this was not the case. “The fact that someone is under investigation does not come into consideration.”

Mos said yesterday that the Tourist Bureau investigation will not be completed before Labega’s appointment. As of yesterday, the final details of her contract were still under review, but the government’s objective is to make the appointment effective per July 1 – next week Friday.

“The national detective agency has completed the preliminary paper work for this investigation. Now they are ready for the next step,” Mos said. He declined to give details about the nature of that next step.

The investigation into the March 19 escape from the Pointe Blanche prison by Omar Nelson is almost completed, Mos said, but there is still one element missing: a statement by the escapee about what happened that day. Nelson, who was convicted to 18 years imprisonment for, among many other things, the Wouter Jan Romeijn killing earlier this month, has been on the run now for 95 days. He has been spotted a few times, but he has not been recaptured yet.

Until Nelson is heard about the escape, the prosecutor’s office will not release any details about the investigation into the escape.


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