Ms. Arrindell turns 100 today

POSTED: 10/16/12 1:23 PM

MIDDLE REGION, St. Maarten –Today Ms. Sylvannve Arrindell, the eldest resident in Middle Region will celebrate her 100th birthday. Many people living in Middle Region and passing her home were not even aware that in that house on Ellis Drive lives their district’s eldest resident.  Ms.  Sylvannve as she is affectionately known was born on St. Maarten on October 16, 1912.

In the 1950s she left for Aruba like so many other St. Maarteners did at that time in search of a better living.

Ms. Arrindell was married and divorced and has one son living in the Netherlands; two grandsons in St. Maarten; one great grandson police officer Gamali Benjamin and a great granddaughter ; and one great, great grandson who lights up her day every time he goes to her house.

After spending almost twenty five years in Aruba where she worked for the Caribbean Hotel she returned to St. Maarten in the early eighties and has been living here ever since. During a visit to her home she was asked the name of her father and she proudly answered, my father’s name was Thomas Arrindell and my mother name Mrs. Leotine Arrindell.

“On behalf of the residents of Middle Region and Defiance and the general public of St. Maarten we want to wish Ms. Sylvannve Arrindell many more years of strength, happiness, good health and may the good Lord continue to bless her,” Lenny Priest, president of the Middle Region and Defiance Community Council stated in a press release.


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