MPs work with private sector on road patching

POSTED: 04/13/12 4:31 PM

St. Maarten – The two members of the Democratic Party faction – Roy Marlin and Petrus Leroy de Weever – and Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Illidge rolled up their sleeves on Thursday to oversee the patching of the roads at the emergency homes in Dutch Quarter. Residents of the area have complained about the state of the roads and the three MPs have pulled together to provide albeit a temporary solution.

De Weever said the project is one of four efforts that the trio will undertake over the next four to six weeks. This particularly project was done in collaboration with JoJo construction, Younique Ice and Beverages and Delta Petroleum.

“Many of us came here looking for votes during the campaign and I can now personally feel exonerated because there were people who were maliciously feeding misinformation that the reason the roads here were not being fixed is because Leroy de Weever was blocking it. I came in here to help fix the situation and now we have delivered,” de Weever said.

Later he’d add, “We’ve been bombarded, not as legislators, but as citizens with cries for help and so today our action speaks very loud.”

Independent MP Patrick Illidge called the work a concerted effort.

“We must hold true and do what we have to do. This is the result of coming together and it also proves that the businesses want to be involved. You just have to ask,” Illidge said.

Work on the upgrades began at 7:00 p.m. and four pieces of heavy equipment including trucks were deployed in the effort.

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MPs work with private sector on road patching by

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