MPs to vote in favor of smoking ban

POSTED: 02/12/13 11:56 AM

THE HAGUE – A narrow majority of MPs will vote today in favor of a motion calling for the ban on smoking to be extended across all the country’s cafes and bars, newspaper AD reports.

The fundamentalist Christian Party SGP has now thrown its weight behind demands for a total ban. The VVD Liberals, 50Plus and anti-immigration PVV are opposed.

SGP leader Kees van der Staaij told the AD he had had doubts but ‘we have now decided a totally smoke-free hospitality industry sends out a clear message.’

Research indicates the owners of around half the country’s bars and cafes still allow smoking.

The smoking ban was imposed across all bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs in 2008. But in 2010, Health Minister Edith Schippers agreed to allow smoking in cafes smaller than 70 m2 if they did not employ any staff.

If MPs vote in favor of a total ban, it will be up to the government to decide what, if any, action to take.

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