MPs join in questioning Heyliger’s wind turbine

POSTED: 01/26/12 11:58 AM

St. Maarten – Questions have been raised in parliament about the wind turbine that has been placed at the home of Vice Prime Minister Theodore Heyliger. The questions were posed by National Alliance faction leader William Marlin and his faction colleague Louie Laveist based on a story in this newspaper on January 20. In that article Guana Bay resident Anthony Prall questioned Heyliger’s ability to put up the turbine especially since he’s still waiting for an answer from the Guana Bay Home Owners Association on his three letters in 2008 requesting permission to put up a turbine of his own.
Laveist, who was the first to raise the matter, said he has no problem with the minister putting up the turbine as he would up 10 turbines of his own if he could have afforded it.
“If it will contribute to help with the financial terrorism that GEBE is purporting through its fuel clause on me I would put 10 if I could and I would encourage every resident of this country to put up a wind turbine,” Laveist said.
Marlin’s concern is two-fold. The first part of his concern is that Heyliger has put up the turbine just after the St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies has announced that they will be putting up wind turbines as part of becoming a “green harbour.” The other part of Marlin’s concern is that area residents – like Prall – have expressed the desire to also put up turbines and the wider community is also interested in finding ways to reduce what they pay GEBE or to find a backup supply when GEBE has a power outage.
Heyliger was not present at Wednesday’s debate to answer the concerns expressed by the MPs.

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MPs join in questioning Heyliger’s wind turbine by

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