MPs get 30 percent more than colleagues in Curacao

POSTED: 04/12/13 11:20 AM

St. Maarten – Members of Parliament in St. Maarten receive a remuneration that is approximately 30 percent higher than what their colleagues in Aruba and Curacao get. Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk writes this in answer to questions from Dutch MPs Heijnen and Bosman.

“In spite of the fact that the remuneration is an autonomous matter of the country St. Maarten I have expressed my surprise about this to the Minister Plenipotentiary,” Plasterk wrote. “The government of St. Maarten considers the increase justified because the price-level in St. Maarten is supposedly higher than on the other islands.”
Heijnen and Bosman had asked the minister whether it is true that the remuneration for parliamentarians in St. Maarten will increase sharply. From the documents relating to the draft 2013 budget that have been published online it is not immediately clear whether this is indeed the case. In 2012 the budget had a provision of 6.6 million guilders for the parliament, but this year the amount is 6.4 million, almost 266,000 guilders less.

Support and registry at the parliament required 2 million in 2012; this entry in the budget will almost double to 3.7 million guilders.

The answer from Minister Plasterk however, suggests that there is indeed an increase in the remuneration for parliamentarians.

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