MPs enjoy luxury in Mexico City

POSTED: 09/30/13 1:04 PM
In front of the Emporio Hotel, from left: parliament assistant Benjamin Kelly and MPs Patrick Illidge, Romain Laville, George Pantophlet, Johan Leonard and Leroy de Weever. Photo Facebook.

St. Maarten – While the government was struggling in The Hague with the instruction of the Kingdom Council of Ministers to Governor Holiday to order an independent integrity investigation in St. Maarten, eight parliamentarians feasted in Mexico City where they attended meetings of Parlatino, the parliament for Latin American countries. The picture with this article shows five parliamentarians; also in Mexico were MPs Frans Richardson and Dr. Lloyd Richardson and Parliament President Gracita Arrindell.

The delegation from St. Maarten stayed at the Emporio Hotel in Mexico City, described by travel websites as “a luxurious 5-star hotel, featuring a spa, on-site restaurant and gym” and as “one of Mexico City’s most exclusive hotels.”

The Emporio is housed in “an elegant building with a façade reflecting the architectural style of the early 20th century.” The hotels interior was recently renovated “to offer contemporary and modern facilities which perfectly suit the excellent personalized service.”

Furthermore, one travel web site gushes: “The hotel’s comfortable rooms have been specially designed and equipped to provide guests with the ideal environment for rest in an atmosphere of peace, warmth and courtesy, the principal characteristics distinguishing the Emporio Group.”

The hotel’s prices are amazingly moderate considering the luxury it offers: between $120 and $150 per night. Maybe that’s because Mexico has entered the low season: of all the hotel accommodation in the Mexican capital, 82 percent is empty.

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  1. Hay Mami says:

    With the only Spanish that they know learned at Bada Bing, we can imaginge how we are being represented in Mexico and to the Latin world. We are being shamed and scammed by these still unindited criminals…and those who are not, should have the sense to not be photographed with the scum. “Birds of a feather fly together”!