MPC Stars score big and win

POSTED: 02/4/13 2:28 PM

St. Maarten – Week two in the St Maarten Soccer Educational Foundation’s interscholastic tournament was highlighted by the 11-0l victory by the MPC Stars over the Christian Hillside team in the U-13 category when the competition resumed on Saturday at the court in Belvedere.

It was mostly a one-sided affair and at half time, the Stars were leading by 6 goals and to put the icing on the cake, they added another 5 in the second half. Karel Richards, one of the most experienced and versatile players on the island was the star of the show with 4 goals and 2 assists. Darrian Holaman scored a hatrick with 2 assists and Andre Knol netted a double and 3 assists.

The first game of the day was between St. Dominic High and C.I.A. in the 15 and Under category. At half time St. Dominic High had taken a 4-1 lead. Brandon Lee Potmis made the first two goals for St. Dominic and Maliek Martes was the only one scoring for C.I.A. in the first half.

Martes added one more goal and an assist in the second half and Joep Vries scored one as well, however it was not enough. Suraj Rathwani from St. Dominic High was the top scorer with 4 goals and the final score was 6 – 3 in favor of St. Dominic High School. The level of play showed by the two teams was appreciated by the crowd.

The second game of the day was an all female affair between the Learning Unlimited and Sr. Regina team who showed their experience as the girl soccer powerhouse over the last couple of years. Sr. Regina slowly but surely kept extending the lead one goal at the time and at half time, they were leading by 3 goals to nil. At the end of the game the result was6 to 0. Top scoring for the winners was Nacirfa Drijvers and Aichelle Peters with 2 goals each and one assist for Peters.

The third game was another all female affair between Leonald Conner and Christian Hillside, the new kids on the block in the SMSEF interscholastic soccer tournament. Even though the day’s result will not reflect it, the Christian Hillside team did a good job both on and off the field with their players and organization.

Given some time the teams from Christian Hillside will surely rise to the occasion. However, Leonald Conner Girls did not take it easy on the opposing team and they turned it into a real game from start to finish scoring 4 goals in each half, leaving the CH team scoreless. Top scoring for Leonald Conner was Katherine Baptiste with 6 goals and 1 assist.

The fourth game of the day was a 13 and Under game between Genevieve de Weever and Leonald Conner. The Leonald Conner players completely dazzled the Genevieve de Weever team by scoring six goals in the first half.

Despite all efforts to regroup in the second half, the Genevieve de Weever team remained scoreless while the Leonald Conner added two more goals in the second half and won by 8 goals to nil. Top scorers for Leonald Conner were Marlon Lopez with 3 goals, Maro Laguerre netted a double and Derick Wilson chipped in with 1 goal and 2 assists.

It was an extremely challenging day for the M.P.C. United when they faced the C.I.A. in their first game in the 13 and Under division. The C.I.A. team proved to be a very strong opponent for the MPC who took much too long to get organized. This lack of aggression resulted in the CIA scoring first half goals, however, the MPC did manage to slip in 2 goals in the second half, but was too little too late and the CIA scored one more to win by a comfortable 4 to 2 margin. Top scorer for the C.I.A. was Malcom Martes with 2 goals and 1 assist. Ezekiel Gumbs was the only player finding the net for M.P.C. United and he did it twice.

The next two games of the day were theU-7 division who have been introduced to the tournament for the first time. There were match ups between the Sr. Magda Greenboys versus Leonald Conner and Sr. Magda Rockstars versus Charles Leopold Bell. The Sr. Magda teams won both games because Leonald Conner and Charles Leopold Bell did not have enough players for a legal game (a minimum of 4 players is required).

However, the kids that did show up to represent their school from Leonald Conner and Charles Leopold Bell were rewarded for showing up by getting the chance to play a friendly game. The Sr. Magda players split up to make two teams each time of which one team included the Leonald Conner or the Charles Leopold Bell players. It was clear that those kids can play some soccer. Hopefully their teammates will show up the next time to make the goals count.

In the first Champions League game of the season, the C.I.A. dominated the first half over Leonald Connor with a 3 goal cushion going into the second half. Leonald Conner team lacked the ability to penetrate the defense and the keeper. However they did succeed in finding the net twice in the second half, but the C.I.A. added one more goal and the C.I.A. won by 4 goals to 2.

However, in a dramatic turn of events, during an examination of the score cards, it was discovered that the C.I.A team had two players that were not eligible to play on that team due to the fact that they were too, old. According to the Rules and Regulations of the tournament, the C.I.A. therefore lost by default. Leonald Conner was awarded the 3 points and 2 goals and was declared the winners.

The last game of the day was another Champions League game between Sr. Magda and Christian Hillside team. The Christian Hillside team is fairly new to the tournament, but the school can pride itself of having a great player in Khalid Tavernier who opened the score in the early stages of the game lifting his school’s spirits.

Sr. Magda which played in new jerseys sponsored by Kooyman was able to equalize quickly and from that point, it was a see saw battle for the lead after a half time score of 3-3. But after the half time break, Sr. Magda found its rhythm, quickly taking a 6 – 3 lead and stepped on the gas from then on and won by a 11 to 5 margin.

Top scorering for Sr. Magda was Quincy Wijngaarde with 4 goals and Jadon Gumbs with 3 goals. Diaro Forsythe was a useful team player with 1 goal and 3 assists. The top scorer for Christian Hillside was Khalid Tavernier with 5 goals.

Next week the tournament with continue with:
8:30 13+U MPC Stars versus C.I.A.
9:10 13+U Sr. Regina vs St. Dominic High School
9:50 11+U Dr. M.L. King jr vs Learning Unlimited
10:30 11+U Charles Leopold Bell vs Christian Hillside
11:10 9+U Dr. M.L. King jr vs Sr. Regina
12:30 9+U Leonald Conner vs Sr. Magda Athletics
1:10 9+U Combine vs Sr. Magda Energetics
1:50 11+U Sr. Magda FC vs Leonald Conner
2:30 9+U Charles Leopold Bell vs Learninig Unlimited

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