MP Romain Laville announces departure

POSTED: 09/10/13 2:28 PM

“I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that we do not care”

St. Maarten – Independent MP Romain Laville announced his departure from politics during yesterday’s closing of the 2012/2-13 parliamentary year. “This may be my last speech in parliament for this period,” Laville said, suggesting that he will sit out the rest of his term until next year’s elections.

“I do not want to do another four years, and I do not consider another run in 2014.”

Laville said that he presented more motions (during the budget debate in April) “than the whole parliament combined” and that he had done his utmost during the past three years to make sure “that our people are taken care off.”

Like Independent MP Frans Richardson, Laville lamented that no action had been taken on the motions, except for the legislation to regulate pawnshops. He referred to his motion to power all government buildings with alternative energy sources. “That would have reduced the enormous cost of electricity we have to pay every month. That money could have gone into social programs, like a breakfast program in schools,” Laville said, “I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that we do not care. The changes in government were not for gain but because I made an oath to the people. I gave up my career for this, but we have failed. In 2014 maybe we do not need a change of government but a change of players.”

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