MP Pantophlet: “Businesses should live up to their responsibilities”

POSTED: 09/24/12 11:44 AM

St. Maarten – “It is the responsibility of the government to create the environment where businesses can thrive. Businesses in turn should live up to their responsibilities by providing employment and by paying proper wages and benefits,” National Alliance MP George Pantophlet said in a statement issued yesterday.

The MP stated that he has the impression some employers feel that he is “against business,” but he says that this is “far from the truth.”

In his press statement, Pantophlet refers to economic and environmental challenges, and to political turmoil that affects the price of oil and thereby fuel prices on the island. “Transportation costs to import goods have also increased. These are external factors over which we have no control, but we can take some steps internally to mitigate the effects and the suffering of our people.”

Pantophlet suggests that “a list of priorities must be established.” He acknowledges the needs of pensioners, the unemployed, teachers, sick people, law enforcement, the youth and the civil service. “The list goes on. But everything cannot be addressed or solved all at once. A list of priorities must be drawn up and we must work in a cohesive manner to ensure that the steps agreed upon are executed in a timely fashion.”

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