MP Meyers-Olivacce: Lack of coordination within government is “disturbing”

POSTED: 01/29/13 12:49 PM

St. Maarten – Interim faction leader of the United People’s party Sylvia Meyers-Olivacce labeled “the lack of coordination within the government apparatus up to the end of December” as “very disturbing” in a press release issued yesterday afternoon.
“We have to have all ministries and departments on board to provide the best of service to the community,” MP Meyers-Olivacce stated.
The MP referred to statements made by Justice Minister Roland Duncan that procedures in St. Maarten are “too formalistic and more cumbersome than in the Netherlands.”
Duncan said in a radio interview that all other ministries, and especially the Social affairs department, had washed their hands of the Brooks Tower Accord that was designed to regulate the immigration status of undocumented residents.
“The Minister also added that the Civil Registry had to understand that birth certificates and marriage certificates don’t change much, and that Social and Labor Affairs Departments decided to shut down the BTA category two process last November and not give the people the opportunity to complete the procedure to regulate their status,” MP Meyers-Olivacce stated.
She added that the immigration’s mobile unit will shortly begin checking on businesses to make sure that their employees have the correct papers. “The Minister wants to avoid officers being told by workers that they are waiting on papers or documents still being processed by the Labor Department or by Immigration.”
Meyers-Olivacce said that Duncan had also added the social health insurance bureau SZV to his list of entities “that delayed the process of people obtaining relevant documents to apply for permit renewals.”

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MP Meyers-Olivacce: Lack of coordination within government is “disturbing” by

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