MP Lake “strongly dismisses” gossip about fall government

POSTED: 08/6/15 6:42 PM


St. Maarten – United People’s party MP Maurice Lake has “strongly dismissed gossip” that he plans to break with the current coalition.

Lake reacts with his statement to gossip published on the SMN web site yesterday that claimed Lake would leave the coalition together with Silvio Matser and Frans Richardson.

“It is so unfortunate that vicious blog posts are given legitimacy as if they were a fact,” Lake stated. “We need to understand that government is not a game.”

“People need to understand that not everything placed on the internet is true,” Lake stated, adding that he has been critical of the government but that this is a matter of “political maturity.”

With a reference to the Transparency International integrity report, Lake added, “I have a responsibility to see that government and the parliament work for the people. Parliament needs to use its oversight function. I do not need a report to tell me that.”

Lake acknowledged that “all political parties came up short” in the Transparency International report.  “That should be a good indication to all political leaders to step up to the place and start leading in a mature manner. We need to get our act together and provide stability for our country.”

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MP Lake “strongly dismisses” gossip about fall government by

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