MP Lake questions Cadastre-situation

POSTED: 08/24/15 11:35 AM

St. Maarten – Allowing Cadastre-director Clemens Roos to finish his contract on the island before sitting out his sentence is a breach of integrity, United People’s party MP Maurice Lake states in a press release. “Is there one rule of integrity in the Netherlands and another one for Sint Maarten? I don’t understand this. He was convicted and now he wants to return here with the intention to taken up his position. How will the Cadastre board handle this? What message does this send to the staff at the Cadastre and to others in the community?”

Lake sent a letter to Finance Minister Martin Hassink and acting Vromi-Minister Marcel Gumbs, via parliament chairman Dr. Lloyd Richardson, asking to set a time frame for the Cadastre-board to provide parliament with management and financial reports and reactions to the recommendations from the Ombudsman.

Lake notes that former Minister Hiro Shigemoto, Edward Dest (Tourist Bureau) and Denicio Richardson (Postal Services) “had their good names dragged through the mud without a conviction” and that these people have lost everything. “The government has not done anything for them.”

The MP furthermore wrote in his press statement that the Cadastre-board has to be more transparent and that the government has to appoint a full board as soon as possible.

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