MP Jules James: “Projects in Cole Bay and Cay Bay are just the beginning”

POSTED: 05/6/11 2:38 PM

COLE BAY, St. Maarten – United People’s party parliamentarian Jules James stated yesterday in a press release that he is “very pleased that UP Leader and Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure Theo Heyliger, continues to demonstrate his commitment to fulfill his promises made during election time with respect to the development of the islands communities.”

“Personally speaking, I too have made some promises to the residents of Cole Bay and Cape Bay, and I will make every effort to have these delivered to these communities.  The residents will see some infrastructural improvements taking place in their community within the coming weeks which is necessary and long overdue.  It is a start and there will be much more in the months and years to come,” James said.

James said that the Town Hall Meeting that took place last night at Carl’s Unique Inn’s conference room was “essential to bring the people and government officials together to learn more about the positive developments for their community.  It is an opportunity to address issues related to the project and to also make suggestions.

“This type of engagement is necessary as Sint Maarten moves forward.  Together we have to build our country and the communities of Cole Bay and Cape Bay.   Additional investments will need to be made in road resurfacing, sewage and drainage, proper street lighting and sidewalks.

“These are essential to the quality of life.  People don’t want dust constantly flying into their homes due to unpaved roads.  The people don’t want open sewage running on the street creating a health hazard for the neighborhood,” James said.

“The people want street lights that will light up the area and create safe neighborhoods to walk in and around rather than having to walk along the road fearing to be struck down by a car.  There are also many young people living in Cole Bay and Cape Bay communities.  They need proper youth and sporting facilities where they can go and occupy themselves during their spare time after school.

“These are some of the things that I would like to see addressed and the UP will address them over time.  As they say, Rome was not built in one day, and we can’t expect to do everything all at once.  I wish we could, but as we all know, public finances won’t permit that at this point in time, however, we will prevail,” James said.

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MP Jules James: “Projects in Cole Bay and Cay Bay are just the beginning” by

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