MP James poses 94 questions to two ministers: “Will the turnover tax be eliminated as promised by the National Alliance?

POSTED: 09/19/12 1:52 PM

St. Maarten – With 61 questions directed at Finance Minister Tuitt and another 33 questions for Minister of General Affairs Sarah Wescot-Williams United People’s party MP Jules James came out firing on all cylinders yesterday. His questions to Tuitt are about the 2012 budget amendments, the 2013 budget and the Central Bank. to Wescot-Williams the opposition MP posed questions about the Postal Services of St. Maarten.

James asked Tuitt in a letter dated September 18 when parliament will see the 2012 budget amendment for approval. He also wants to know how much has been spent on travel since May 22 and whether the government intends to contract any loans this year, and for what purpose.

James is furthermore interested in the state of affairs with the new government building. “When will it be completed?”

Question related to the 2013 budget are mainly about taxes: “Will the turnover tax be reduced or eliminated as promised by the National alliance?”

Questions about the Central Bank relate in part to the possible breakup of the monetary union, the position of President Emsley Tromp and dollarization. “Are we going to dollarization or will we be getting a Dutch Caribbean Guilder?” James asks in his letter.

The most questions to Wescot-Williams about the postal service start with an observation: “It is my understanding that the Postal Services of St. Maarten (PSS) may be undergoing some serious financial challenges.”

“How much money has the government had to inject in PSS and how much more is it prepared to inject?”

Apart from the financials, James also questions the possibility of a strike and the possible dismissal of the director. “Is there any truth to the rumors that the employees’ representatives are considering staging a strike because they are not pleased with senior management and the current direction of PSS? What can you share with parliament concerning the rumors that government is looking for the opportune occasion to sack its current director to bring in a team from one of the former Antilles islands to lead PSS? Would you say that our postal service is healthy or in need of medical attention?”

James also asked Wescot-Williams about the speed of service. “What is the standard or normal time for letters to be transferred from one island to the next, specifically within the former Netherlands Antilles? Is there any truth to rumors that letters are taking in excess of 5 days for inter-island transfer wouldn’t this be against postal regulations?”

James furthermore wants to know whether some of the PSS-competitors who do not have a concessionaire license to transport letters “are still conducting this business. He also wants to know whether the government is prepared to investigate the truthfulness of these rumors. “After all, if this is the case it will be to the detriment of PSS. This we could ill afford in this tough economic time.”

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MP James poses 94 questions to two ministers: “Will the turnover tax be eliminated as promised by the National Alliance? by

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