MP James criticizes achievements second Wescot-Williams cabinet

POSTED: 09/10/12 12:04 AM

St. Maarten / 7 Sept. 2012 – United People’s party MP Jules James criticized the achievements of the second Wescot-Williams cabinet in a press release issued yesterday. James wondered, among other things, what happened to the governing accord. He also criticized the way ministers deal with the supervisory boards at the harbor and the hospital.
“It is important that as citizens of this young country, we extend to the incumbent government, the courtesy of the traditional “100 days in office” before engaging in both questioning and critiquing it,” James stated..
“This week has marked the end of government’s 100 days in office and if some people were expecting miracles or at least – more tangible results – then 100 days later you must be disappointed. What achievements, changes and or advances have the government delivered on the economy, since coming to power? Where is the Governing Accord that was mentioned would be ready and presented to parliament within the first 100 days in office. At least then indicate how much more time you need to complete this.”
James notes that the honeymoon is over. “We are putting you on notice. We will seek all relevant information regarding, but not limited to the relief effort that was promised to the people. I will only briefly mention some additional concerns that I intend to raise with the respective ministers.
Where are the answers from the Finance Minister for the 40+ questions sent to him?”
James also remarked that the gas prices continue to rise in an unusual manner. Parliament is still waiting to receive the 2012 budget amendments for review and approval.
Other points of concern include “the inclusion or deletion of the new tax system that the previous Finance Minister was striving to accomplish by 2013, the GEBE relief that was approved by the previous Minister of Economic Affairs, and the lowering of tax rates.
MP James noted that it is off season and business is rather slow. “What relief can companies expect and when? Will profit tax be lowered? How about lowering the turnover tax? Any relief expected there?”
James furthermore wonders why parliament has not received the draft 2013 budget as yet. “When does the finance minister intend to submit this?”
The MP expresses his irritation about the fact that he receives no answers to his concerns. “I have personally submitted questions to both the governor and minister of justice on separate issues and neither the governor or the minister has deemed it responsible to respond to my concerns and questions. Meanwhile and as a faction we have forwarded questions to the deputy prime minister and minister of vromi, regarding the Gebe relief, but it looks like these answers too may have gotten lost.”
James also tackled the way the government is dealing with the rules for corporate governance. “It appears that the Corporate Governance Council has been muffled. What is ironic is that the Council of Ministers is well aware of the functioning of the CGC and the importance of approaching them for proper guidance before taking certain decisions, but this appears not to be the case. In my humble opinion there appears to be several breaches in the manner of how this new government is requesting that current Supervisory Board Members of government owned companies are demanded to step aside and resign.”
“Whether it is the housing foundation, the harbor, the hospital, how far do they intend to go? Is it a case like the scare tactics that has been carried out on Curacao? What is the new vision the soon to be replaced boards are expected to provide? It is my understanding that we will see that certain persons may be reappointed for other reasons. I also understand that some members have tendered their resignation and others have decided not to give in to this kind of politics. I think it prudent to remind the Council of Ministers, that what goes around comes around. What may appear to be politically right today, may come back to haunt you tomorrow. As is often stated on several occasions, by one of our long time politician, might is not right.”

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