MP George Pantpophlet: “Avoid the blame for mess the new government did not create”

POSTED: 05/14/12 1:24 PM

St. Maarten – “The task ahead for the incoming government is one of humongous proportions. But it is not an impossible one,” National Alliance MP George Pantophlet stated in a press release issued yesterday afternoon.

“The statement “all hands must be on deck” sounds repetitive, but it is true. The new government will have to prioritize and start working. The key to its functioning successfully is the civil service. Cooperation between Members of Parliament, ministers, secretary generals and civil servants is crucial. The supervisory bodies like the Advisory Council, General Auditing Chamber and the Corporate Governance Council must be provided with the necessary equipment to function in an optimal manner,” Pantophlet pointed out.

“Everyone has to execute his or her responsibility. Professional behavior is expected from all sides. Loyalty should be first and foremost to the people who pay our salaries, the public. Stalling or prolonging the preparation of vital advice because of personal political affiliation should not be tolerated because this negatively affects the people of St. Maarten,” the MP stated. Pantophlet added that the governing period ends in 2014. “But the reality is that we have a new government that has to deal with many problems. Taking care of our pensioners by ensuring they have a comfortable way life. Revamping our educational system which allows equal access and opportunity and also addressing the matter of the school fees, creating a realistic, reliable and simple tax system especially where it concerns tax collections. Find ways and means to encourage businesses who have deposited millions overseas to bring these funds back without penalties and probably a reduced tax rate. Reduce unemployment especially amongst our youth.

Another major challenge is our healthcare system and last but not least poverty. There is a lot to be done and government will need its citizens to be patient and give it time to work. No one knows what they will meet when they take up their offices. The findings should be made known to the public to avoid being blamed for a mess the incoming government did not create.”


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MP George Pantpophlet: “Avoid the blame for mess the new government did not create” by

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