MP De Weever: “I don’t need a corporate governance council”

POSTED: 12/20/11 5:08 PM

St. Maarten – Democratic Party MP Leroy de Weever made again clear in parliament yesterday afternoon that he sees absolutely nothing in the corporate Governance Council and that he would prefer to see it disbanded. UP faction-member Johan Leonard was the only one to support De Weever.

The remarks came after finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto told the parliament that the government has asked the four major government-owned companies – the Harbor Group of Companies, Telem, GEBE and the airport – to make 100,000 guilders available to finance the council. Only the harbor and Telem made the funds available. GEBE and the airport on the other hand, wanted to know which services the Council would provide in return.
“The same body that installed the corporate governance council is able to disallow it,” de Weever said. He said that the council was ‘prohibitively expensive” while it is unclear what it would do in return for the government.
“I don’t need any corporate governance council to tell my ministers to pull up their socks. This is squandering taxpayers’ money.”
De Weever said that he will propose to disband the council and that he does not need anybody to tell him what to do. “This is a way to frustrate the government,” he added, “The same goes for the General Audit Chamber. All we’re trying to do here is justifying something that is not justifiable.”

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams pointed out that the council had been established based on a national decree, and that this decree will have to be re-established by country St. Maarten.
Based on the statements the Prime Minister made, this is what the government intends to do.

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