MP cites cases of short term labor contract abuse

POSTED: 07/7/11 2:34 PM

“The abuse continues”

St. Maarten – National Alliance Member of Parliament George Pantophlet says that the abuse of the short term labor contract continues. He was approached by two people who informed him that they were told one day before their contracts expired and would not be renewed. One of them born on the northern side (French) had been working for the company 10 years while the other born on the Southern side (Dutch) was employed for six years. They were on short term contracts during this entire period.

The MP says he asked the complainant whether there were any job related issues that could have brought this about and was told that this was not the case. The employee plans to take the matter to court. The recent report is one of several the MP has received that involve multi-million guilder companies.

“The decisions in these particular companies are apparently being taken by offshore managers (first time I heard the term). A term I have heard used is hatchet man (mostly from abroad and in this case they are) whose sole task is to get rid of long term employees,” Pantophlet stated in a press release.

Other persons related to this problem and as it turns out that this has happened recently in two other multimillion guilder businesses where persons who were employed for years are being told that their contracts will not be renewed.

“As one can remember the faction of the National Alliance has submitted a request to have Book 7 of the Civil Code amended to deal with the abuse of the short term contracts. I hope that the responsible advisory entities will work on this amendment as soon as possible to ensure it is ready for handling in Parliament. The discussions surrounding this issue will be intense because in most cases employers are concerned about their bottom line and not the workers. Morality and integrity cannot be legislated and therefore the abuse continues,” Pantophlet further stated.

“What must not be forgotten is the pressure it is putting on social society and the hostility and feeling of hopelessness it is creating. It is unfortunate that some employers are continuing this practice which is legal but in many cases unethical, unethical in the sense that one of the workers was immediately replaced,” the MP added.


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