MP asks Minister Marlin for “forensic investigation” – Laveist miffed about Ferrier’s accusations

POSTED: 11/26/12 2:23 PM

St. Maarten – National Alliance MP Louie Laveist has reacted with dismay to a letter to the editor by Democratic Party president Michael Ferrier accusing him of issuing 30 bus- and taxi licenses to companies he or his family members controlled during the time he was a Commissioner in the Island Territory’s Executive Council.

In his letter, which he did not sign as the president of the Democratic Party but simply as “citizen,” Ferrier also wondered “who the recipients were of a reported $15 million for the sale of the land formerly occupied by BBW / EFB next to the Simpson Bay Bridge.”

“I do not usually react to letters to the editor and to comments about my person because i have become numb to that,” Laveist told sxmislandtime reporter Samuel Allen on Friday.

“However, this letter to the editor by Michael Ferrier is certainly disturbing. It is character assassination to the maximum. If I don’t respond to everything that is written in there it could possibly start to live a life of its own.”

Laveist said that the most troubling part of the letter deals with the sale of the BBW-property in Simpson Bay. “I am on my way to Mr. William Marlin (Minister of Public Housing, Urban Planning, environment and Infrastructure – ed.) because I want him to do a forensic investigation on that piece of property. I want to find out who that land belonged to and if it was sold, for how much it was sold, to whom it was sold and by whom, and if I received any funds for that.”

The MP then put the rhetorical question: “Why is this important to me? Because I have allowed things to live a life of their own in the past. In this case, this involves tax evasion and money laundering. If I have sold a piece of land for $15 million it would mean that I have to give the government its fair share. And if I did not do so, then I am involved in tax evasion and possibly money laundering.”

Laveist said that he would disclaim “the other items” on the radio. “I am on my way to Lloyd
Richardson, so I can have an interview with him, possibly on Monday, to shed some light on these scandalous allegations leveled at me by Michael Ferrier. I will deal with him at the appropriate time.”

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MP asks Minister Marlin for “forensic investigation” - Laveist miffed about Ferrier’s accusations by

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