MP Arrindell asks for clarification: Ordinances stuck since June of last year

POSTED: 01/15/13 1:12 PM

St. Maarten – On June 14 of last year a central committee meeting dealing with eleven draft ordinances falling under the country’s civil code was adjourned and never resumed. Parliamentarians never received a report about the hearing, United People’s party MP Gracita letter to the President of Parliament, Rodolphe Samuel.

Arrindell expresses her concern about the situation, saying that the final handling of the draft ordinances is on hold and that this has consequences for the society. “Please inform parliament soonest about the reason for the delay and when we can expect the reports (about the June 14 central committee meeting – ed.). Please inform parliament if the minister of justice received these reports.”

In the meeting MP Arrindell refers to, Justice Minister Duncan heavily criticized the governor’s cabinet and the civil service. He accused the governor’s cabinet of nit picking and the civil service of deliberately stalling the handling of documents. Duncan also said that civil servants are holding things back they do not agree with and that they don’t sign papers for the same reason.

At the time, for instance the ordinance that regulates joint custody was stuck at the governor’s cabinet, Duncan claimed at the time:. “There seems to be confusion at the cabinet of the ‘governor about how to treat these ordinances. They were returned with questions. I think it is a mixture of inexperience in these matters as well as unfortunately the cabinet taking on more duties than it should.”

His main beef in June however was with the governor’s cabinet and the remarks he received from this office: “You can’t write In Naam der Koningin. It has to be In Naam van de Koningin. They are nit picking; there is a beautiful word for that in Dutch; according to the Supreme Court it is not insulting if you use it in the proper context,” he said, without providing the expression he referred to (mierenneuken – ed.).

All the draft ordinances Arrindell is referring to are posted on the parliament’s web site, but they have not been handled by parliament, and therefore the governor has not signed off on them either.


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MP Arrindell asks for clarification: Ordinances stuck since June of last year by

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