Motorworld donates van to Red Cross

POSTED: 10/8/12 1:57 PM

St. Maarten – A spanking new Hyundai van was handed over to the executives of Red Cross St.Maarten yesterday at a simple ceremony in front of Motorworld.

The Red Cross expressed its gratitude saying that “The purchase of vehicles is a very heavy burden on our budget, but with the great assistance of Motorworld, Red Cross St. Maarten has been able to purchase this van.”

The vehicle will be used for the transportation of volunteers to and from sporting activities, meetings and training exercises.

“Red Cross St. Maarten, as part of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Organization, is committed to helping vulnerable people locally, within the region and around the world, prevent, respond to and recover from disasters, complex humanitarian emergencies and life-threatening health conditions.

Besides preparing for and or dealing with disaster situations Red Cross St. Maarten is also very active in other areas and is present during every sporting activity on the island. Transportation is necessary to execute these activities, as well as to carry our volunteers to various locations,” the organization said at Friday’s handing over ceremony.

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