Motiance’s musical theater blows crowd away

POSTED: 02/27/12 3:41 PM

GREAT BAY-The energy, talent and passion of musical theater students of Motiance Dance School was on show over the weekend at the school’s production, Blown Away.  Blown Away represented the grand finale for Joost and DJ, two male choreographers/directors who brought Broadway to the island in close to two years. The duo taught approximately 40 students how to master their skills and become ‘triple threats’ in the entertainment industry through song, dance and drama. The event was held at the John Larmonie Centre.

Motiance said they wanted to move away from the conventional in terms of the show’s presentation and opted instead to use classrooms for a more personalized experience.  Attendees were asked to follow a map that was attached to their program. The map led them to one of three rooms colored red, yellow and purple.  In the purple room the musical theater adults performed a Madonna themed medley while the red room featured children performing from 70’s movie ‘The Wiz.’ In the yellow room, spectators were led on a journey through the 1980’s with several hits from ‘Footloose’, the movie.

Director of Motiance Dance School Arlene Halley said that Joost and DJ shared their knowledge and talent with St.Maarten and though the school was saddened by their departure, the musical theater program will continue. “The program does not die here, they just planted the seed but we hope to keep musical theater alive in St.Maarten.”

Halley added that on a regular basis, individuals audition to become a part of the program.

“We’re moving to Saba where we will run a hotel called El Momo. It is something completely different that we wanted to do for a long time but we will return to the island from time to time to conduct workshops,” Joost and DJ said.  They added that musical theater has enriched the culture of the island by combining three different art forms; singing, dancing and drama into a uniquely healthy and fun activity.

At Blown Away, a combined group of all classes also did scenes from movies ‘Shrek’ and ‘The Little Mermaid.’

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