Mothers want to see justice served

POSTED: 10/13/11 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – Now that Gregorio Ritchie and Akeem Williams have been discharged from hospital after they were stabbed several times last Monday during a fight in Middle Region, apart from the physical wounds, they also have to deal with the healing process.
Ironically, both boys who are long time friends received identical injuries. Ritchie was stabbed three times, in the abdomen, the hips and once in his back which almost penetrated his lungs and Williams was stabbed twice, both in his back and in close proximity to his lungs.
The fact that they have been discharged does not mean that they are out of danger. ”Even though they are out of hospital, they could still be in danger because they were both stabbed in their lungs,” said Roxanne Dennis, the mother of Ritchie.
While both mothers are looking forward to the boys making a 100 percent recovery, the boys in question will have to be extremely cautious in whatever they plan to undertake and that includes physiotherapy.
“The doctor did say that they will make a full recovery and I am trusting in the Lord that everything will be okay. These two young men still have their life ahead of them and I don’t think that anybody, especially a father figure should try to take their lives from them.” Dennis pointed out.
Dennis has decided to press charges and she confirmed that Dianne Williams, the mother of Akeem Williams will also be taking similar steps as they seek justice in the matter. “I hope that justice will be served.”

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