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POSTED: 09/1/15 12:48 PM


cleaning the weed, sargassumA worker removes bags of Sargassum from the shoreline of Great Bay. Photo Today / Milton Pieters

St. Maarten – The invasion of Sargassum, seaweed on beaches on St Maarten and the surrounding islands is a timely reminder that you get more than you bargain for with the arrival of a Tropical Storm of hurricane.

The Sargassum seaweed which some experts referred to as a plague is something that is quite impossible to prevent from gracing the shorelines. However, there are ways to have it disposed with minimum efforts.

With the arrival of the weeds comes another disturbing element – plastic utensils in various shapes and sizes. In essence, it shows us that whatever is disposed of illegally at sea or near the shorelines, will eventually come back with the passage of time.

The shoreline of Great Bay was no exception to this illicit practice and while it’s up to the appropriate authorities to clean the beaches one day after Tropical Storm Erika was scheduled to make her presence felt, it’s also the responsibility of the businesses with a view of the Boardwalk to clean up their surroundings with one ship in port.

“We have to do it quick, because today they have one boat in port but maybe tomorrow, they may have two and this mess will not look good in the eyes of the tourists,” says one man who was part of the team that was responsible for the removal of the weeds.


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