More fake items seized on Back Street

POSTED: 11/25/11 12:37 PM

St. Maarten – Six stores have now been raided in two days as part of an ongoing effort to rid St. Maarten of counterfeit items. Two stores on Front Street were raided on Wednesday, another four on Back Street were raided Thursday and the action could continue for another week.

Zara, Majestic, Glamour World and Kingsway were the four stores raided Thursday and the team seized watches, belts, hand bags, costume jewelry, ladies underwear and various types of clothing. Each store was targeted after long term investigations that included site visits by mystery shoppers who visited the island, searched for counterfeit items, purchased something as evidence against the stores peddling the counterfeit items.

The seized items, like other items confiscated this year, will be burnt at the Philipsburg Landfill.

The team confiscating the items was joined by Coordinator for the European Anti Counterfeit Network (REACT) Louis Comvalius on Thursday. They were the ones who first contacted James Martin & Associates to set up the raids and confiscations.

“Our network started out as a European network, but it has since gone global. We are all over the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and Brazil. We are trying to clean up the islands as much as we can,” Comvalius said.

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