Money transfer company warns against fraud

POSTED: 09/21/12 1:15 PM

GREAT BAY- If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The local branch of money transfer company, Western Union International has beefed up its public awareness campaign against fraud. The company recently unveiled advertising material that warns persons not to “fall victim to fraud.”

When Today visited the Pondfill Office of DHL/Western Union, customers could be seen taking time to read the safeguards the company suggests.  Some of the safeguards include

“Do not proceed with a transfer transaction if it’s “for an emergency situation you have not personally confirmed, to someone you personally don’t know or have met online, for an internet purchase, for an employment opportunity, to claim lottery or prize winnings, for a rental company, for a credit card or loan fee and from a check deposited in your account until it clears which can take two weeks.”

Staffers at the agency said that despite people being warned not to fall victim to internet scams in particular, they still relish the idea of earning big bucks or deep discounts by just sending a monetary fee through Western Union and other money transfer agencies. The outcome of these types of situations is usually a very unhappy fraud victim.

Some of the more appealing messages used to grab unwitting people’s attention are “Can you help me please? I need you to send me money,” and “Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery; just send us money to cover the fees.”

People who believe they have been a victim of fraud are asked to contact Western Union at either its Philipsburg or Colebay branch. The company however maintains that customers cannot obtain a refund for money that was already paid out, even if the transfer was the result of fraud.

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