Mondriaan Foundation happy with Living Statues Festival

POSTED: 02/8/12 3:33 PM

St. Maarten – The Mondriaan Foundation has expressed its satisfaction with the first Living Statues festival that was held in Philipsburg on Saturday December 17. “We have great appreciation for your extended evaluation report on the Caribbean Living Statues festival. Therein, you describe neatly the concrete activities you have executed, the challenges that you have encountered, and the results of the project,” the foundation wrote in a letter to Loekie Morales of the Beyond Writing Foundation, the driving force behind the initiative. The M Mondriaan Foundation was the festival’s main sponsor.
“It has become a particular cooperation between your organization (Beyond Writing Foundation) and the World Statues Festival, whereby your program on Sint Maarten definitely got a Caribbean character. Most of the living statues referred to important political, social or cultural individuals and events on Sint Maarten. We appreciate the vast attention which you had for sharing knowledge with key persons on the island,” the letter continued.
“You have made it possible to train local professionals in the techniques of making up/body painting and the art of acting, but also on production level intensive exchange has taken place. A particular result is also, that the winning participant of your festival will represent Sint Maarten on the World Lving Statues festival 2012 in Arnhem.”
The Mondriaan Foundation also appreciated the local cooperation links Morales realized with Motiance Dance School, the most important newspapers on the island and not in the last place, the hotels and restaurants. “The festival has satisfied our expectations and we hope that you will successfully realize a second edition, with the promotional film and the photograph exhibition.”

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